The Miami Artist-Run Galleries You Need to Know

By Demie Kim and Casey Lesser

The origins of Dimensions Variable trace back to a vacant space on a quiet street in the Design District, which had been donated by collector and developer Craig Robins after Rodriguez-Casanova and Trombly agreed to exchange artworks for studio space. Soon, the two artists began inviting friends to show in the space and before long, in 2009, they officially opened Dimensions Variable. Working with local and international artists through submissions and invitations, they developed a program that revolves around innovative approaches to material, process, display, and concept, all while ensuring that exhibiting artists have complete freedom regarding what they show. After years of operating in a space downtown and, earlier, through a series of pop-ups, Dimensions Variable garnered the attention of Miami Dade College, who invited them to establish their premises on the downtown campus. Now, they’re moving on to an exciting new chapter as they begin an eight-year term in a 3,000-square-foot space, officially open to the public this December.