Space is the Place – Felice Grodin and Samantha Salzinger, The Outer Limits at Dimensions Variable, Miami

By Michelle Weinberg

In a statement on The Outer Limits, a collaborative work by Miami artists Felice Grodin and Samantha Salzinger, the artists describe their installation and video as a disruption or perforation in the fabric of the aesthetic universe of the white cube exhibition space.

Grodin mentioned that the exploration of the rift between phenomenon and allegory – fact and fiction – motivated their project. The two are space explorers, marking time and terrain in a kind of virtual environment. The container being perforated by The Outer Limits is Dimensions Variable, an alternative space hosted by artists Frances Trombly and Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova in Miami’s Design District. The large windows of their storefront space were blacked out for this installation, with the exception of one pane which allowed a sliver of light to leak into the space.