The Miami New Times

Domingo Castillo’s Duets at Dimensions Variable Was a Friends-Only Karaoke Party

By Liz Tracy

Do you know Domingo Castillo? If so, then you probably checked out his recent exhibition Duetsat Dimensions Variable in the Design District. If you don’t know him, you might have ended up outside of the gallery, alone, banging to get inside, experiencing the true art of the whole affair.

Castillo set up a makeshift karaoke bar in the space. But only friends (plus one guest) were invited. The other rule inside DV: Participants could only sing duets. The whole experiment unfolded neatly at times and messily at others.

While we all speculated that Castillo was just causing interpersonal drama among his friends, he saw the endeavor a little differently. So Crossfade called him to clarify the intent of the project and discuss his favorite karaoke songs. You may be surprised by what he chose.