The Miami New Times

Dimensions Variable Revels in the Sound of Silence in Voleur

By Nicole Martinez

In one of the gallery’s final shows before its forced relocation from their downtown Miami space, Dimensions Variable will present Voleur (thief), a two-day performance by artists Jamilah Sabur and Andy Robert. Voleur (thief) builds on the themes explored in Dimensions Variable’s recent exhibition,Sounds Like, in which artists explored the intersection of language and sound in connection with the way our minds identify what’s before us.

It’s fitting that Sabur was called upon to comment on Sounds Like because her practice often explores the unconscious mind. But contrary to the buzzing, familiar tones of the sculptural objects featured in Sounds Like, Sabur is focusing on an even more deafening noise: the sound of silence, a space in which the artist feels its not so much about expressing something clearly, but allowing your mind to wander.