Developments in Downtown

By Amanda Sanfilippo

What is the promise of a vacant warehouse? The easily romanticized notion is being realized by a two-year, rent-free contract for a 20,000 sq ft complex in downtown Miami at the site of the former Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply. Inaugurated September of 2012, the arrangement is a product of nearly a year of conversation and negotiations between the independent entities of Dimensions Variable (DV), Bas Fisher Invitational, Turn-based Press and the TM Sisters, all Miami-based artist collectives/initiatives at different stages in their development. Each will inhabit their own distinct chunk of the vast and multifarious space in blends of dedicated studio and exhibition/public programming space through a partnership with Miami’s Downtown Development Authority. The practical union of these four considerable entities downtown marks a shift, not only in the tides of real-estate considerations in Miami’s neighborhoods, but to the possibility of a critical mass of working artists seeking not only space, but the opportunity to provide platforms for programming beyond and as an extension to their own practices and in the pursuit of wider dialogues.