The Miami New Times

Catalina Jaramillo‘s You Are Always Here Explores Her Deceased Mother’s Objects

By Liz Tracy

Everybody has a personal life that no one else has access to or cares to notice. Like our “to do” lists or old credit cards. When someone dies, the world gets a peek into those private matters and a fuller picture of the person is revealed.

Catalina Jaramillo used this new perspective to create the upcoming solo show “You Are Always Here (Distance Has No Way of Making Love Understandable).” The show recreates the energy of her mother, Yolanda Phillips de Jaramillo, who passed away after battling cancer for ten years in January 2010. A young parent herself, Catalina gathered tons of objects that once belonged to her mother, demonstrating obsession that was triggered after this trauma.

Born in Bogota, Jaramillo has shown at David Castillo Gallery, Calix Gustav Gallery and the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. She has also curated exhibitions at Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum and Francie Bishop Good. We talked with the artist about the upcoming exhibition.