Alice Raymond

January 14—February 18, 2012


Considering them as part of herself and partly responsible of her work, Alice Raymond invites friends and colleagues she has encountered throughout her travels, to build an eclectic collection. This collection is offered to visitors within the confines of a unique structure. The structure is asymmetrical in shape with a raw and unfinished exterior. Inside, the walls are finished and create an intimate environment to offer these works as a private collection to two individuals at a time for the duration of their stay.

Behind the rough walls, we can see the formation of relationships between the participants and the artist—relationships built over time and by chance. Raymond uses the act of choice in her practice to bring together people and their offered objects for one installation. Instead of decisions about materials, Raymond is interested in social choices influenced by her travels and everyday encounters. This project brings up collective pluralistic ideas and questions the individualistic tendencies popular in the art world.

Unit consists of :
Jenny Brillhart, Annie Hollingsworth, Jet Sargent, Stephanie Marie, Chad Cunha, Jacqueline Soir, Domingo Castillo, Leyden Rodriguez, Frances Trombly, Randolph Gonzales, Paul Steen, Per Nyström, Adler Guerrier, Jayme Gershen, Emmett Moore, Larry Newberry, Sabine Herrmann, Carol Jazzar, Misael Soto, Alice Raymond.

Alice Raymond

Alice Raymond was born in Paris, partly raised in Germany, has worked and lived in France, Sweden, then Miami since August 2009. She attended the Master programs in Art at University of Visual Arts in Bordeaux, and in Science of Language at the University of Grenoble, France.

Her work, based on social and cultural research, has been shown in cultural and educative venues in Europe and in USA, as the Hungarian Multicultural Center in Budapest (Hungary), the Harper College Gallery in Palatine (IL), the collective Projektraum Kunst in Potsdam (Germany), the Miami-Dade Public Library, the Alliance Française Gallery in Miami, the Castle of Châlus in France. She received a European Grant for the German Art Residency Art Aspects. Focused on socio-cultural issues, she started her photography series about urbanism and space occupancy.