Student Exhibition

Emerging Artists—
2017 MDC Student Exhibition

April 5—27, 2017

Reception: April 5 at 12 noon

MDC Student Exhibition

As part of Dimensions Variable’s partnership with MDC we are honored to host for the month of April, Emerging Artists—2017 MDC Student Exhibition. We hope the opportunity for these first and second year students to exhibit and be involved with the installation of their exhibition will be immensely rewarding. DV is thrilled to be a small component in addition to the great faculty working to shape this new generation of talented individuals.

Special thanks to the professors: Tom Scicluna for bringing his class and helping the first day, as well as picking up a large pedestal for the show, Joseph Tamargo for beautifully framing his students work, Claudia Scalise for typing up the list of works, Kristen Theile for helping us finish installing, Wanda Texon for her transition assistance, and everyone else involved with this new phase of the student show.

Special thanks to the students: Byron Gramajo for documenting the install process and letting us use the photos and video, Monica Platero for putting in extra time to help us install, and of course all the students who helped out.

All images and video by student Byron Gramajo.